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Community Efforts

Historical India is a community project where anyone can join and edit articles. Since the main goal is to create encyclopedia by collaboration, community efforts are encouraged.

  • For upcoming meetups in June 2021, join Project : Meetups - June 2021
  • It is advised to create new projects according to your interests and work on them. For eg. you can create project for 'South Indian History', 'R. C. Majumdar Literature', 'Temples in India' etc. You can invite users to join the projects and collaborate with them.

Help needed

  • Help is needed to create and add information to the word cloud articles listed in Explore section above on this page. Please join Project : Word Cloud Priority Articles and contribute. Feel free to discuss your progress on Discussion : Word Cloud Priority Articles.
  • Major bugs in article editor were removed on 23 May 2021. The articles edited before update had issues of paragraph locking. Help needed in unlocking locked paragraphs on articles created and edited on or before 23 May. You can find the relevant articles on Editor's Search.
  • New generation citations had been launched on 23 May 2021. Help needed in replacing old citations with new generation citations. You can find related articles on Editor's Search.


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