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Introduction To Newcomers

Welcome to Historical India! We are glad that you have decided to devote your precious time for building free encyclopedia! We all, here on Historical India, work on voluntary basis. Let's go through some cool features of website.

Where To Start?

  • Go to Help Out section listed below this panel. It contains articles with issues such as lack of good content, lack of interlinks, lack of citations etc. Start editing these articles and try to remove the issue on article.
  • Use advanced Editor's Search option to get more articles with issues. Try editing them and remove the article issues.
  • Use noticeboard if you have any queries or issues. Experienced users will look into your query and try to solve it.
  • Join community projects and collaborate with experienced editors on Historical India. Use project discussion pages to discuss your ideas with community. For starters you can join these projects and work on completing tasks listed on project pages :
  • You can create your own projects here and invite users to join the project.
  • Read documentation reference to know the policies on Historical India.


We are a group of patriots who love our motherland - Bharat Mata! Historical India is an opensource community based project dedicated to the history of Greater India. Join us to create the encyclopedia of Indian history...

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