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Katarmal Sun Temple

Katarmal Sun Temple
Katarmal Sun Temple at Katarmal, Almora, Uttarakhand, India

The Katarmal temple is situated on a lofty hill on the right bank of the River Kosi at a distance of approx 17 km from Almora preached at an elevation of 2, 116 metres above the sea level in the Almora district of Uttarakhand. This temple was constructed by king katarmalla of Katyuri dynasty in the 9 th century CE and from there it has got the name Katarmal and is a stunning example of Katyuri's rich history. There are about 50 subsidiary shrines of the late 7th to 8th century A.D clustered around the main temple. The significance of the temple is notable since it is the only important shrine dedicated to Surya in this part of the country (North India) while the other temple dedicated to lord Surya is the famous Konark temple in Odisha located in the eastern parts . The temple is locally known as the Bara Adit or the great Sun God.

Samudra Gupta

Though many emperors in Indian history doubled up as adept warriors, few may match Samudra Gupta in his warrior instincts. Samudra Gupta's empire comprised nearly the whole of Northern India. During his reign, gold coins were minted and issued in large numbers. At one level, they highlight the sheer value of transactions being undertaken by the Guptas. However, it also offers deeper insights into the charismatic personality of Samudragupta. While some coins show him holding a battle axe keeping the legend of Kritarta in mind, others depict him performing the Ashvamedha sacrifice. The scale of achievements associated with Samudra Gupta, coupled with the profusion of gold coins that enter the archaeological record makes his reign the beginning of a Golden Age in Indian history.


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