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Discussion : Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

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 @NiranjanDeshpande you are putting great efforts in creating this article. Kudos to you!! I think you are translating almost whole of the Raja Shivchhatrapati book in english here. There are few things I would like to mention here : 

  1. There might be a copyright issue here on site which might lead to removal of almost all of the contents of article if someone reports it in the future.
  2. You are currently in Afzal Khan's campaign which was earlier part of Maharaj's life. And article is has already reached 0.364163 MB. HI only accepts articles till 0.5 MB size. after that you will not be able to add contents without deleting previous one.
  3. Your style is more of a narrative one, which is good for book readers. the concept behind HI is that we would like to develop this site more as a reference site.

So I think solution for these problems is that instead of narrating the incidences, if you write them in your words in short, all of the issues above will be solved.

Also, this site is user oriented, copyright free, opensource platform that anyone can edit and contribute. Older users guide new users in writing and using this site. Also, just to let u know, there are user levels for each user. Site has a policy of manually increaing user levels of few early users on site based on their performance. You have just promoted from Writer level to Author level. Congratulations!!

Feel free to add your reply to this discussion. Thanks! -- by krishnakulkarni Mon Jan 17 2022 16:00:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

 @krishnakulkarni Sir, Thanks a lot first of all for your feedback.

Siddharth and Anirudh had been giving me this feedback that our articles cannot become hagiographies and paeans for anybody. However, one point I have always mentioned to both of them, that the way we have been taught history in our school and college syllabuses has actually made everybody to lose interest in history. It always focussed on dates, breezed through incidents, and never really conveyed the story behind those dates, personalities and incidents. The Indian way of relating history has always been focussed on the storytelling way, as evident in the Itihasas (epics, Puranas etc.). Although not considered history by the so called Western standards, somehow my mind refuses to accept that judgment as the final one.

However, since you mention that the objective of building this site has been slightly different, I have started reviewing all the articles so far published by me on HI and have started making them more in the reference style.

Thanks again. -- by NiranjanDeshpande Thu Jan 20 2022 10:10:29 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Hi  @NiranjanDeshpande, please don't make changes just because I am telling u to! This is our collaborative effort and we should together discuss how article is going to be structured. Let's involve  @editorsid and  @Anirudh2002 in the discussion and see what their opinion is! Also, in any case 0.5 MB article size is the technical restriction, so you have to write the article accordingly. Also, I agree that western historians won't accept the Indian style and to be frank we don't care about them. But at least we have to make references to each paragraph/datings and other important aspects of article. That way readers will have some feeling of authenticity of article. Also it would be great if you can provide references to more than one books. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks! :-)  -- by krishnakulkarni Thu Jan 20 2022 11:35:56 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)


Namaste to everyone involved in the discussion. I honestly wasn't aware about the article size limit, so thank you  @krishnakulkarni ji for bringing that to our notice. Moving forward, we as content writers have to keep these limitations in mind even as we continue editing on the website. So our first objective is definitely to condense the article on Shivaji Maharaj and the others as well. 

To  @NiranjanDeshpande ji's point on the need for adopting a story-telling method to articulate our message, I think most of us will be in agreement with you. Of course, we do need to make the reading experience as pleasant as possible, and stories have been an integral part of our legacy. Still, as a website still in its nascent stage, we wish to highlight our unflinching commitment towards historical truth that can only be uncovered by rigorous referencing. So in that spirit, we may have to make a few more changes to these articles. And as Krishnaji has said, there should ideally be substantial referencing, so in our future meetings for the Maratha empire project we can employ other members in this task of substantiating upon the material that has been provided by Niranjan ji. Though Babasaheb Purandare ji's magnus opus is masterful for its excellent detailing and must be read by every student of Maratha history, scholars have objected to certain details that may not exactly be factual. Thus, we must corroborate this evidence with other scholarly material. This should be done on priority especially for Shivaji Maharaj's article. Otherwise, I think Niranjan ji has been consistently doing a splendid job, and I have personally received positive feedback from readers who have enjoyed going through these articles.. we just need more members to contribute and bring in their research so that the rigour can be enhanced-  -- by Anirudh2002 Thu Jan 20 2022 17:05:44 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

I completely agree with  @Anirudh2002. -- by krishnakulkarni Thu Jan 20 2022 23:40:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Dear  @krishnakulkarni Sir,  @Anirudh2002,  @editorsid, I have reworded most of the articles published by me once. However I still feel a few more rounds of editing are further required. I will continue doing so to transform the narrative style further. If you have any further feedback, please do share.   -- by NiranjanDeshpande Tue Feb 01 2022 13:15:38 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Sure  @NiranjanDeshpande ji, we will have a look at it and keep you informed. Thanks a lot for all your efforts -- by Anirudh2002 Sun Feb 06 2022 19:45:46 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)



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