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Legacy Section Contents

Hi @sohamhis23  @prataprajat, I was looking through Ashoka Maurya article and have some suggestions regarding Legacy section.

(I tried looking at the history of article edit but was unable to find it before edit no. 5 since it was erased while uploading content to version 2.0. But I remember that you guys added some information on article. Correct me if I am wrong. 🙏 ) 

In Legacy section, someone has added comparisons of Ashoka with some foreign rulers in order to prove Ashoka's greatness. I think Ashoka was indeed a great ruler and there is no need to add comparisons of esp. foreign rulers to prove his greatness. (Also, the fact is that Ashoka was way earlier than most of the other rulers with which he was compared). I think that we feel need to compare our great Indian personalities with foreign rulers due to colonised mindset! Which does not allow us to feel proud about our own history if that was not stamped by some foreign esp. western source.

Taking it into mind, I think the comparison is not needed and we have to learn to feel proud about our own history without any foreign influence. Currently, I am removing the comparisons in article. Please reply to this thread if you have suggestions/comments. Thanks! 😃  -- by krishnakulkarni Fri Jun 11 2021 18:49:27 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)


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