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  • Present your valuable collections/knowledge to new audiences on web worldwide.
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  • Join Historical India : Organisations play key role in compiling the history of India. You can register as an organisation on HI. Membership is free of cost.
  • Editor-in-collab : Editor-in-collab is a Historical India editor provided by an institution to facilitate a close working relationship between the HI movement and that institution through a range of activities.
  • Invite members : Invite members of your organisation on Historical India.
  • Arrange an edit-a-thon : Arrange events of particular duration (eg. 6-12 hours) and dedicate the time of attendees on training sessions and editing articles.
  • Donate : Historical India runs purely voluntary basis. Your donation will help us reach our combined goal faster and will help keep Historical India free and open.

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We are a group of patriots who love our motherland - Bharat Mata! Historical India is an opensource community based project dedicated to the history of Greater India. Join us to create the encyclopedia of Indian history...

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