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Shantanu is the great king of Bharat vansh of lunar dynasty. He was the son of King Pratipa and queen Sunanda. He could be considered as an all-rounder as having much knowledge of Vedas and possess different waring skills.


Shantanu, a great heir of bharat vansha and the lunar dynasty who ruled his empire with
much powerfulness and generosity that the small kingdoms and kings had accept his
suzerainty with utmost happiness. The reason for this suzernity must be the greatness of
hastinapura and his ancestors of lunar dynasty (chandravansha). The majestic son of
Pratipa and Sunanda must be considered as a generous and ambitious emperor. Shantanu
had an all-rounder personality. He was exell in every field, either in the knowledge or study
of Vedas and shashtras or the different waring skills which force his opponents to accept his
suzerainty, as well as the hunting skills. Shantanu's rule can be traced as the prosperous
period where all the people live with utmost happiness and fraternity, everyone is ready for
helping each other and the subjects respects their king as god. In turn, the shantanu was
also so kind regarding his subjects(praja). He always ensure that no one in his country will
suffer. Shantanu had a great respect for the Brahmans and the seers (rishis). He had
performed many yagnas for the prosperity of his kingdom and its people. It is said that
shantanu was a great king of ikshavaku "Mahabhish" who lived in heaven with gods. Once
the queen of rivers i.e Ganga came to the gods. By misktake, her saree flung with force of
air. Then the all gods present there bow their eyes, but the Mahabhish didn't bow his eyes,
instead he keep staring Ganga. For this mishappen lord Brahma curse him to reborn on
earth. Then the king Mahabhish chosen The bharat king Pratipa as his father and hence
the Shantanu came to the earth as the king of Hastinapura.
It is also said that the Ganga, once saw the king Pratipa on the bank of Gangdwar (mainly
known as Haridwar), has been attracted by his peronality and the majestic charm and went
and sit on his left thigh and said "ohh great king! I want to adore you." But the king Pratipa
said that gange you have sit on my left side but the the life-partner have to sit on the right
side. The left side is of the children and hence I accept you as my daughter-in-law. Ganga
said, "I have no issues but I have a condition that whatever my action will, your son never
question it. The day he will question my actions, I will leave him." Pratipa agreed. And hence
the story of ganga and shantanu began and further reach to the Devavrata or Bhishma.


Once the king Shantanu scrolling near the river Bhagirathi. He encountered a very beautiful
lady who is adored with heavy jewels and very elegance white saree. Her face is more
beautiful than any apsara of heaven. It seems that the beauty of this whole world centred on
her face. Her glamorous charm captivate the Shantanu at the moment. He gradually walked
near the lady and said I don't care who you are? Either a high born lady or a low born, your
beauty has totally captivate me. I want to marry you and take you to my palace as my queen.
Ganga agreed to marry him but put forth a condition that he will never ask who she is, where
is she come from and whatever her action will , he will never question her. The moment he
will question her, she will leave him. Shantanu also agreed her and married her. Both of
them live happily in palace. After some time, Ganga give birth a child, Shantanu was so
happy. But this happiness was not so long. The Ganga thrown her son into river. Shantanu
under the pressure of promise he had given to her didn't ask her anything. She repeatedly
did this for seven times. She threw out his seven sons in river and Shantanu was
constrained to not ask her about her action. It's the time, when Ganga birth her eighth son
and going to throw him as well. But this time Shantanu couldn't control him and ask her,
"who are you? Why are you doing so? Why are you throwing my sons into the river? What
type of mother you are?" Ganga said, "Maharaja! I am Ganga, daughter of jahnu rishi and

I will not kill your eighth son but take him with me for some time. He will be a great king in his
future and had a great role in enhancing your kingdoms pride. These were the seven vasus
whom I make free from their curse. Now you have broken your promise and I have to leave
you. I will return your son with each and every knowledge of this universe and named him as
Further Shantanu's son is known as Devavrata and later as Bhishma for his firm pledge.


Satyavati, the second wife of Shantanu. There was a mystery behind the birth of Satyvati.
She was born out from a fish and smell like a fish that's why she is also known as
Matsyagandha. She was grown up by a fisherman Dashraja, who take care of her like a
daughter. So, Dashraja was the father of satyavati. Later on she booned with the fragrance
instead of fish smell by the rishi parashar. Once upon a time, Maharaja shantanu went for
hunting in forest. He realised a beautiful fragrance in this dense forest from somewhere.
Shantanu track this fragrance and what he saw then was the surprising. A very beautiful lady
like the apsaras of heaven and this fragrance was coming from her body. Shantanu asked
Satyavati to marry him. But Satyavati said him to ask his father for this. Shantanu went to
Dashraja for asking to maary his daughter. Dashraja said, "Maharaja it's my fortune that my
daughter marry you, but there is a condition". Shantanu asked, "what is your condition, tell
me first if I can fulfill this, I promise you for marry your daughter". Dashraja said, the next
king of hastinapura will be the son of my daughter not anyone else. Shantanu refused to
fulfill this condition and return with saddened heart. Now Shantanu always being sad and
keep quiet. Devavrat couldn't see this sad face of his father and ask the chariotman of
Shantanu about the whole happening. Then for his father, Devavrat went to Dasharaja and
ask for his daughter's hand for his father. Satyavati's father repeat his condition. But this time
the Devavrat agreed for this and take a pledge for being lifetime Brahmachari. And this firm
pledge of Devavrat make him The great Bhishma. Satyavati married to Shantanu. After
some time Satyavati born two sons i.e Chitrangad and Vichitravirya. But the Shantanu
was not happy of the Bhishma decision's and always stay sad. Soon the great king
Shantanu died and one era end.

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