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Prithviraj Chauhan

Maharaj Prithviraj Chauhan was the brave Hindu Emperor of Delhi who reigned from 1179 to 1192. He was married to Samyogita, daughter of Raja Jaichand of Kanauj. He defeated and released the Muhammed of Ghazni seven times, until he was defeated owing to disunity, in the second battle of Tarain.

Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan

Birth place Gujarat
Date of death 12th Century (1192)
Mother Rani Kapuradevi
Capital Delhi
Father Someshwara Chauhan
Date of birth 12th Century (1149)


Raja Prithviraj Chauhan was born in the year 1149 in Gujarat. He was born to Raja Someshwara Chauhan and Rani Kapuradevi. He ascended the throne of Delhi in 1179 after the death of his father in a battle with Bhima II, of Gujarat.

The rivalry of Prithviraj and Jaichand

Raja Prithviraj was the ruler of Delhi. At the same time, Kannuaj was ruled by, Raja Jaichand who was planning to do a Rajyasuya Yagna to establish his control all over Northern India. He sent a message to every kingdom in Northern India to rule under his control. Every king who received the message agreed to rule under Raja Jaichand except Prithviraj Chauhan. Jaichand thought that he should attack Delhi but he postponed the plan because the date of the yagna was very near. Jaichand was planing a swayamwar for his daughter on the day of the yagna. But Jaichand didn't know that his daughter, Samyogita, was deeply in love with Prithviraj without even seeing him. When Prithviraj got the news of the swayamwar he asked his trusted friend to go to the swayamwar and he said that he will be disguised as his beetle carrier. After several days they reached Kannauj, and Jaichand gave them a warm welcome. The next day Jaichand visited them and he was very impressed by the personality of the betel leaf carrier. He was suspicious and said his guards to keep an eye on the betel leaf carrier. He also preponed the swayamwar and he placed a statue of Prithviraj as a guard at the gate of the palace to humiliate Prithviraj. When the swayamwar took place Samyogita was expecting Prithviraj to be present there but when she saw his statue on the gate she put the garland around the neck of Prithviraj's Statue. As soon as she put the garland Prithviraj rode a horse and took Samyogita. When Jaichand saw this he got ready for a battle. Jaichands huge army quickly surrounded Prithviraj's army. A fierce battle followed in which Jaichand's trusted general Mir Bandan died. Prithviraj was very close to Delhi when the hills were slowing down his army. One of his Nobles suggested that a person should wait and engage Jaichand's forces. When Bagh Rai got to know about this he suggested that he should engage with Jaichand's army.  He fought bravely and after some time he was captured and killed by the enemy forces. Soon Prithviraj reached the fort of Delhi and Jaichand retreated because he was afraid of Prithviraj's vast army. When Prithviraj entered the fort of Delhi, the whole city rejoiced.

The Second Battle of Tarain (1192)

Meanwhile, Shahabuddin Ghori of Ghazni was planning to attack Delhi. He wanted to kill Prithviraj because he defeated him seven times on different occasions. Blinded with love, the negligence of his duty was apparent, and thus his Guru wrote him a letter regarding the attack. An intensive battle followed in which Prithviraj lost because many of his trusted generals died in the battle with Jaichand. Prithviraj was captured and he was taken to Ghazni. When he was taken to the court of Ghazni he was staring at Shahabuddin, when Shahabuddin ordered him to not stare at him he didn't respond so Shahabuddin ordered his soldiers to destroy Prithviraj's eyes.

The Death of Prithviraj Chauhan

When one of Prithviraj's spies got to know about him, he disguised himself as a Sadhu and he went to Ghazni. He met Shahabuddin and he told him that Prithviraj could peirce a metal with a headless arrow. After Shahabuddin listened to the Sadhu he wanted to see Prithviraj's ability. But the Sadhu gave him a condition that he himself should order Prithviraj to shoot and Shahabuddin agreed. The next day at the court the whole setup was done and when Shahabuddin said 'Aim', Prithviraj whirled round and aimed at Shahabuddin's throat guided by his voice. after this Incident the Sadhu came near Prithviraj and the both stabbed each other to avoid the humiliating death at the hands of the enemy soldiers.

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