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Operation Polo

Operation Polo was the code name for Police action in Hyderabad in September 1948 after India decided to annex Hyderabad into Indian Union. It was a military operation launched by Indian Armed Forces against the Nizam Ruled princely state of Hyderabad, which ended with Indian victory on 5th day.

Operation Polo

Hyderabad Map before Operation Polo

Hyderabad Map before Operation Polo

Location of eventHyderabad
Date of Victory18th September 1948
ResultIndian Victory
Date of Launch13th September 1948
Type of eventMilitary Operation

Operation Polo was a 'Police action' launched on 13th September 1948 against the Nizam Ruled princely state of Hyderabad. After India gained Independence, all princely states were given oppertunity to either join India or Pakistan. If any state wanted to remain independent, it could make a seperate nation. Hyderabad wanted to be a seperate nation and hence declared itself as a Independent nation. Hyderabad being landlocked centrally in India could be future problem for which Sardar Patel held talks with Hyderabad. As the talks didn't not show positive results and the Razakars, militia in Hyderabad turned out to kill and loot the majority Hindu population, India was forced to launch 'Operation Polo' to save people of Hyderabad and annex Hyderabad into Union Of India.

The operation was termed as a police action but was a military operation led by Indian Armed Forces which ended as One United India with victory over Hyderabad on 18th September 1948.

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