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Mirabai is said to be the greatest devotee of Bhagwan Shree Krishna. She was married to Bhojraj, the eldest son of Maharana Sanga of Mewar. She is among the main proponents of the medieval Bhakti movement. She considered Shree Krishna as her husband from the age of five to the time of her samadhi.


Portrait of Mirabai, Mira Temple, Chittorgarh

Portrait of Mirabai, Mira Temple, Chittorgarh

Birth place Kurkhi, Rajasthan
Father-in-law Maharana Sanga (1482-1528)
Brother-in-law Maharana Udai Singh II (1522-1572)
Death place Dwarka, Gujarat
Mother Veer Kumari
Spouse Kunwar Bhojraj Singh (1516-1521)
Father Raja Ratna Singh Merta


Mirabai was born in the Kurkhi village of Rajasthan. She was born to Raja Ratnasingh and Veer Kumari. She married the Prince of Mewar, Bhojraj. Her Father-in-law was Maharana Sangha and her Brother-in-law was Maharana Udai Singh II


Raja Ratnasingh ruled over Kurkhi in Rajasthan, he was a good ruler and he had a daughter called Mira. One day when Mira was five years old a marriage procession was passing by the Palace and when Mira asked her mother that who is her husband. Her mother led her to an idol of the god Krishna. She took her mother seriously and she thought that the god Krishna is her real Husband. Years passed and Mira was steadfast in the Love of her divine Husband. In the year 1516, Mira was married to the crowned prince of Chittorgarh, Prince Bhojraj.  She was an ideal Hindu wife and she was loved by her husband. But as soon as her household duties were completed she would go in her room and worship her idol of the god Krishna which she had brought with her. Her mother-in-law didn't like that Mira worshiped the God Krishna because they consider goddess Durga as their family goddess. Bhojraj's sister Uda so tried to change her mind but her attempt was in vain. Uda was very angry and she decided to take revenge on her. She told her brother that Mira has a lover when his brother got to know that Uda was lying he was enraged and he built a temple of the god Krishna for Mira.

How Mira met the Shree Krishna?

Soon many devotees flocked to her temple, and the story of Mira's devotion reached the ears of the Mughal emperor, Akbar. He wanted to meet Mira so, he disguised himself as a Hindu sadhu because he knew that the Rajputs hated the Mughals. When he listened to Mira's devotional songs he touched her feet and left the temple. When Bhojraj got to know about this he was enraged and he ordered his wife to drown herself in a river. Mira was heartbroken and she left the palace. When she was about to drown herself she hugged the idol of the god Krishna. When she was about to jump, a hand from behind grasped her. When Mira saw the god  Krishna she fainted. When she regained consciousness the god Krishna told her that she should not end her life and she should go to Brindavan. Mira went to Brindavan and she started singing and dancing for the god Krishna.

Mira's return to Chittor

When one of the travelers from Chittor saw Mira alive he gave the information to king Bhojraj. When king Bhojraj got to know about this he was very happy and he went to Brindavan. He begged Mira for forgiveness and he took her back to Chittor. Many years passed and Mira worshiped her god without any objection but alas, Prince Bhojraj passed away. Her father-in-law, Rana Sanga asked her to be ready for Sati but Mira refused. When her brother-in-law, Udai Singh II became the Rana, he didn't let Mira sing and dance in the temple and he only let her worship the god Krishna in her room


Mira was depressed so she decided to go to a public temple. When Udai Singh got to know about this he was enraged and he always taunted Mira. Mira ignored his taunts and she continued singing and dancing. Rana Ratan Singh was so irritated by her so he decided to kill Mira. He tried to kill Mira three times before ordering her to not leave her room and only worship her god in her room. After many months Mira was unhappy so she decided to write saint Tulsidas. He advised her to leave the city of Chittor and she took homage in her uncle's kingdom. She was given full freedom to worship her god in peace. Many years passed and Mira worshiped her god, she went on a pilgrimage to Mathura, Brindavan, and Dwarka. While Mira was singing, in the middle of prayer in Dwarka she fainted on the idol of the god Krishna. At the age of 48, Mira died.    

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