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Maharana Pratap

Maharana Pratap was one of the greatest warriors of Mewar Rajputana which is currently a part of Rajasthan state. He fought against Islamic invaders, especially Akbar. He was one of the few kings, who fought for India during "The Great Struggle"!

Maharana Pratap was born on 9th May 1540 in Kumbhalgarh, Rajasthan. His father was Maharana Udai Singh II and his mother was Rani Jeevanti Bai . Maharana Udai Singh II  ruled the kingdom of Mewar, with his capital at Chittor. Maharana Pratap was the eldest of twenty-five sons and hence given the title of Crown Prince. He was destined to be the 54th ruler of Mewar, in the lineage of the Sisodiya Rajputs.[ref]

Major Wars

  • Siege of Chittor by Emperor Akbar 1567
  • Battle of Haldighati between Maharana Pratap and the
  • Mughal army led by Man Singh of Amber 1576
  • Battle of Dewair between Maharana Pratap and the Mughal army

War of Haldighati

The chiefs of Mewar proclaimed Maharana Pratap as the ruler of Mewar at 1572 A.D. Pratap, for a  long period of 25 years, maintained the independence of his country, single minded. His path was beset with thorns and he had to undergo many obstacles and tribulations. His two brothers had already joined the Mughals and most of the Rajput rajas had fallen in line with the prince of Amber. In the last sack of Chittor, many Rajput warriors had been killed and the fertile plains of Mewar had been devastated or seized. There was dearth of both men and money and safer courses for Pratap would have been to succumb to the foreign rule and live in peace and plenty. But Pratap disdained this sort of life and preferred that of hardships and hazards. With his a few faithful followers, his war horse Chetak, strong and sturdy Bhills and in later period of his life, his generous minister Bhama Shah, he could turn the tide in his favour and pushed back a colossal army of the Mughals. Haldighati, the opening war, was a very critical war for Mewar Rajputs and Pratap himself. But actually his fight was not against Turks or Mughals. It was a war of independence which he waged in the defence of his country.[ref]

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