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1,400 years ago, Thaneshwar in Northern India was ruled, Raja Harsha. He was a very brave king and during his time the famous Chinese pilgrim Huien Tsang visited India. He was a wise king and he respected all religions.

Raja Harsha

Date of death 647 CE
Religion Buddhism
Capital Thaneshwar
Father Prabhakar Vardhan
Date of birth 590 CE
Date of rise 606 CE

Raja Prabhakar Vardhan's Death 

Raja Prabhakar Vardhan's Death Thaneshvar was a powerful kingdom in northern India, 1,400 years ago. Thaneshwar was ruled by king Prabhakar Vardhan. The Huns were harassing the people of Thaneshwar during the reign of King Prabhakar Vardhan, so he sent his capable sons, prince Harsha and prince Rajyavardhan to punish them. After the war, the Huns were defeated and the Huns escaped. Prince Harsh thought that there has not been a fight with the Huns so he could go for a hunt. While hunting prince Harsh saw a soldier was riding towards him and the soldier told that King Prabhakar Vardhan is very ill. Both Harsha and Rajyavardhan rushed to Thaneshwar but they were too late and their father died.

How was Rajyashri abducted?

After the death of his father a noble told that prince Rajyavardhan is the eldest son of the late king so he should become the next king. Prince Rajyavardhan was crowned, but king Rajyavardhan wanted the prince Harsha should have become the king. Prince Harsha and Rajyavardhan had a sister, Rajyashri. Rajyashri thought that his husband, Ghrahavarman, the King of Kannauj could guide her brothers who were young and inexperienced. Meanwhile, the king of Malwa, Devagupta was plotting that how can he grab the kingdoms of Thaneshwar and Kannauj. He thought of a plan and said that if he kills Ghrahavarman, the king of Kannauj, Rajyavardhan and Harsha could not defend both of the kingdoms. One of his Nobles asked Devagupta that how do we kill Ghrahavarman? So Devagupta replied that during the spring festival we will disguise ourselves as peasants  and when Ghrahavarman comes to celebrate the festival with his people we will kill him. Whatever Devagupta thought for Ghrahavarman became a reality and Devagupta also abducted Ghrahavarman’s wife.

The Death of Devagupta

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