Guidelines for creating article


  • Before creating article, we highly recommend searching whether article already exists on searchbar above.
  • Add good tagline about article.
  • Add good tags related to topic. Search algorithm of articles only depend upon tags.
  • Sort tags according to their importance.


  • Don't create duplicate article. It will surely get rejected.
  • Don't add tags with title contents. Choose different tags than title.
  • Don't add tags which has no relation with the article.
  • Don't select wrong category.

Feel free to add as much information as possible on this open platform. Your contribution will surely make the Indian History more glorious...!

We wish you happy editing. Bharat Mata Ki Jay...!

Create New Article

Between 200 to 300 characters describing the article accurately.

Add 6 important tags

* Fill at least 3. Tags are important for searching article. So carefully think which terms a user might search for to access your article.

IMP : Please do not concatenate words. For eg. 'shivaji' and 'maharaj' should be two different tags. Don't make it 'shivajimaharaj'. This will result in poor search results.

Add 6 less important tags

* Fill at least 3

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