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Namaste. We at Historical India are a group of committed individuals, having an interest and fascination for Indian history and way of life. For several decades, the study of Indian history has been crippled by interventions that often sidestep the overwhelming reality of India being a living, breathing civilisation. We as a team are unflinching in our pride for Bharatavarsha and have created this platform for stimulating a discourse on Indian history, rooted in ideals emerging from this great nation of ours.

We function purely on a voluntary basis, and are welcoming in our fold individuals and groups wholly committed to the same ideal. This goal of creating a one-stop platform for learning about India’s glorious past cannot be achieved by any single individual or team, and that is precisely why you can consider Historical India to be a community devoted to this cause. We are reaching out to many history enthusiasts, ranging from school students to established scholars. If you even receive the slightest intuition of being one among them, think no further and join us on this journey that is sure to be rewarding for everyone on board.

In case you have any constructive feedback on our content, we highly encourage you to contact us. This will help immensely in achieving our goals, and also in the true Indian spirit, engaging with different ideas and perspectives...

Our Aim

We are a community of history enthusiasts, united in our zeal to question the dominant narratives which govern the study of India's past. Unapologetically proud of our civilizational heritage and wholly committed to upholding the highest professional standards of historical research, we at Historical India are wedded to the principles of knowledge democratisation and academic integrity.

In working voluntarily to build this not-for-profit initiative, our only objective is to provide a credible knowledge platform for a curious yet confused Indian society to study, engage with and contribute to the story of its own origins and development. We want to act as catalysts in this perhaps small, but noble-intentioned experiment in national self-discovery.

We make no self-flattering claims of intellectual superstardom or inborn scholarship. Mind you, we are and most humbly hope to remain so, mere students of India's great historical tradition.

We envision Historical India to serve as an open and inclusive forum for critically engaging with ideas and perspectives on all things India. In doing so, we actively encourage others sharing a passion for Indian history and culture to join our community and contribute effectively in bringing about an Indic Knowledge Renaissance.

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We are a group of patriots who love our motherland - Bharat Mata! Historical India is an opensource community based project dedicated to the history of Greater India. Join us to create the encyclopedia of Indian history...

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